Month: March 2013

10 ways to fill a pitta

I am not a huge fan of grains, with wheat being my least favourite, but reality dictates that wheat based products are pretty much a staple in most households (mine included).  One of the ways I try to reduce wheat is to limit it to one meal a day (i.e. […]

Should I buy organic produce or not?

It can be hard to know when (or if) to choose organic over non-organic produce.  Luckily there is a list of foods – compiled by the Environmental Working Group in the US – that tells us the items that have the highest levels of pesticide residue. Originally twelve fruits and […]

My new favourite dip!

My new favourite dip! Fed up with the standard humus and guacamole dips that I eat with crudités, I have been looking into simple and tasty dip recipes and found a winner with this sesame tamari dip.  It’s delicious with any chopped vegetable and has added benefits of being high […]

Easy Cheesy Flapjacks

Here is a recipe for Easy Cheesy Flapjacks, created by my colleague Belinda Blake from The Schools Food Coach and Caterpillar Kitchen. They make a great snack and are fabulous for packed lunches. Easy Cheesy Flapjacks Makes about 16 Ingredients 2 eggs, beaten 50g butter 150g porridge oats 150g cheddar […]

Packed Lunches for Children

Friends often ask me what I put in my son’s packed lunch box so I thought I would share some basics on how I try to make sure I am providing a balanced meal that’s as healthy as it can be (given time pressure, expense and peer pressure). I approach […]