Retreat! South of France, June 2019

Due to popular demand I’m providing more detail on my 4-day, 3-night retreat in the South of France from the 14th to 17th June 2019.

Why go on retreat?

I’ve designed this retreat based on all I have learnt from my clients over the years. They tend to be female, and frequently a catalyst for getting in touch is the fact that they’re noticing their symptoms are becoming more pronounced or less tolerable to live with.

I’m a huge believer in bringing nutrition and wellness into a more interactive environment and this small, friendly and informal retreat will equip you to return home with a renewed sense of purpose and optimism. Making the commitment to put yourself and your health first for a change is a really positive step towards optimal wellbeing. My ambition with this retreat is that everyone will leave feeling energised, rebalanced and positive about their own future health.

What to expect

Firstly, this retreat will be a celebration of food. It will be about building a positive approach to eating that works for you as an individual and that is sustaining as a lifestyle, rather than a ‘quick fix’ diet.

Each day I’ll take you through a series of informal and friendly talks, where we will explore together what it truly means to have a happy and healthy relationship with food.


I’ll educate you on the amazing abilities of your digestive system, and how you can best work towards optimal digestive health.


I’ll also cover the role of hormones, including how their levels fluctuate over the years and what this could mean for your health. We can look at how best to support your hormone health to get you feeling like you again.

Immune system

I’m a big believer that underlying inflammation and immune dysfunction is at the heart of many of the issues my clients face. I’d like to share with you why I am so passionate about the immune system and how the food you eat influences it’s functioning.


We travel on Friday 14th June, either by train or plane, to arrive at the beautiful Maison 10, our home for the next few days, by mid-afternoon.

I’ll look forward to welcoming you on arrival and introducing you to the lovely Sarah, the owner of this beautifully renovated property.

My good friend and colleague Natalie Braithwaite (a highly experienced and gentle yoga teacher) will also be joining us, as will the talented chef, Flora Budenberg.

Nutritious and delicious food

Flora and I have produced a delicious series of menus to perfectly complement the themes I’ll be taking you through during our days together. They embrace my food philosophy of crowding delicious and nutritious foods into the diet, rather than focusing on restriction or deprivation.

We’ll be enjoying the most delicious and filling brunches and afternoon snacks, and will finish each day with a fabulous evening meal. I am so excited about the food, not to mention the opportunity for us all to relax together at meal times, amongst the beautiful setting of the property and its surrounding views.

Optional yoga

Optional yoga will be available each day, and Natalie has planned a range of classes that include gentle stretch, energizing flow and restorative yin yoga. I have known Natalie for the past fifteen years and her clear and gentle approach to teaching complements all abilities from novice (which includes me!) through to experienced.

My aim is for this retreat to be mellow and relaxed; it is not a boot camp! I’ve built in time for you to take a walk to the nearby town or through the surrounding countryside if you wish.

You may also like to relax by the pool in the sunny Spring climate of the South of France, or even have a dip in its invigorating waters!

You can also book in for an optional meridian based massage as an added extra.

To finish

We head back home on Monday 17th June following a final morning yoga session and nourishing and delicious brunch. My hope and desire is that you will leave the retreat feeling hugely positive and optimistic and that you will have some practical tools in place to continue moving forward on your return.

You can read more about my retreat, including costs here.  I am keeping this event deliberately small and informal, and can only accept a total of 12 guests on this occasion.  Please do get in touch by contacting me at if you’d like more information or to book.

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