Take Your Health in Your Hands

In response the current health crisis facing all of us, this is a call to action for anyone who’s concerned about getting ill and where that may lead. There is something we can all do now to make a difference in how we respond to illness and infection. Making positive changes to diet and lifestyle have a dramatic effect, and quickly! I am dismayed at the lack of discussion in this area. We hear so much about drugs and vaccines (which is great, and is obviously really important), but what if we’re all able to do a little something to help ourselves and reduce our risk to serious illness quickly and easily? Is that not just as important? Here are the evidence-based facts about what we can all do, starting today:

  1. Adopt the habit of eating vegetables and salad items daily with meals. You don’t have to go crazy and start buying things you don’t know what to with; just pick the things you know you already like.
  2. Jazz your vegetables and salad items up by using health-promoting natural foods like fresh herbs, garlic, lemon juice/zest, spices and seasonings (I like paprika, turmeric, black pepper, chili flakes and any dried herb).
  3. Eat more protein. Ask where your protein is coming from when you put your plate of food together. Protein is so essential, and our requirements increase the older we get. Examples: Meat, poultry, game, fish, shellfish, eggs, natural yoghurt, nuts, seeds, quinoa, tofu, peas, chickpeas, lentils and beans.
  4. Do not fear fat! Natural fats are crucial to health! The fats to avoid are the processed ones such as sunflower oil and those heated at high temperatures for a long time (e.g. for frying chips and crisps). Enjoy grass-fed animal products, good quality eggs, olive oil, avocados and nuts.
  5. Seriously limit sugar, corn syrup and other forms of sugar that are quietly added into processed foods. Look at labels. Anything ending in ‘ose’ like ‘fructose’ will be another form of added sugar. If sugar features in the first few ingredients listed you can assume it’s high sugar.

Adopt these strategies for 80% of the time and you’ll be doing a grand job. I see first-hand, weekly the positive reductions in blood glucose levels and inflammatory markers in my clients following these changes. Improvements happen fast when you do it right.

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