Take Your Health in Your Hands

In response the current health crisis facing all of us, this is a call to action for anyone who’s concerned about getting ill and where that may lead. There is something we can all do now to make a difference in how we respond to illness and infection. Making positive […]

A healthy perspective on healthy eating

Eating a healthy diet should ideally be something you grow into as a lifestyle choice, but I think it’s really important to acknowledge that it’s not always possible to eat in an optimally healthy way all of the time. I first became aware of the impact of eating for good […]

Tips for Increasing Fruit & Veg

We have all got used to the 5-A-Day message, although I’d question if many people consciously reach for this. However, the recently published findings from researchers at Imperial College London suggest that eating closer TEN fruit and veg a day is a better goal if you are serious about keeping […]

Eating to reduce pain

At the weekend we ran one of our Healing Foods workshops, and I discussed food that helps pain management. In my clinic I often work with clients who experience pain on a regular basis. This may be in relation to arthritis, headaches, period pain or aches and pains from training […]

Detox anyone?

Many of us use January as a time for positive change. Whether it’s getting fitter, eating better or putting the wheels in motion for a complete change in life direction. This renewed motivation certainly helps me get through the dark, cold days, dreary days in the UK. Without the January […]

Sprouts are for life, not just for Christmas

Did you know that sprouts help your liver to detoxify better? “Does that mean I can have an extra glass of wine with my Christmas dinner?” asked my friend. Hmm… I can understand why lots of people don’t like sprouts, but if cooked or prepared with love and attention they […]

Lifesaver Biscuits

As featured in Grazia Magazine! To me, having a nice cup of tea with a biscuit is similar to having a big warm hug. I have found that nothing quite hits the spot in the same way! Here is a recipe for my Lifesaver Biscuits. They give me the taste, […]

Avocado & Cashew Thai Dip

  The cashew nuts in this dip provide a good source of protein and fats. Avocado also increases the fat content.  The majority of fat in avocado comes from a family of fats called phytosterols which are involved in key processes for managing inflammation (so good if you have any […]

Breakfast In A Hurry

For me weekday mornings are really rushed and manic and I am always racing against the clock.  It’s hard therefore to find time to make – let alone eat – breakfast.  Below are the top five weekday breakfasts that I am able to pull together for myself and my family […]

Special Nettle Pesto

With Spring properly established young tender nettle plants are thriving in our neighbourhood.  Rather than fearing these plants embrace them, as they have long been used as a healing food, especially from an anti-inflammatory point of view.  This nettle pesto recipe also includes walnuts, which contain omega 3, another useful […]

Getting Your 5-A-Day

We have all heard the ‘Five A Day’ message and many branded products highlight ‘One of your Five A Day’ as key marketing slogan.  I have always been a bit skeptical of this approach to improving dietary habits; it is boring and generic and tends to go over people’s heads.  […]

10 ways to fill a pitta

I am not a huge fan of grains, with wheat being my least favourite, but reality dictates that wheat based products are pretty much a staple in most households (mine included).  One of the ways I try to reduce wheat is to limit it to one meal a day (i.e. […]