Stress & Health Part 2: Digestion

A well functioning digestive system is essential for optimal health and wellbeing. Most of us have some basic awareness of how we feel digestively, and who hasn’t felt bloated, a bit gassy or suffered from heartburn from time-to-time? For some, digestion isn’t on their radar much, yet for others it […]

Is Something You Are Eating Making You Ill?

Many of my clients strongly suspect that something they are eating is not agreeing with them.  They report digestive problems, headaches or migraine, eczema or other skin complaints, low energy or fuzzy head, period or joint pain as examples of symptoms they think are linked to particular foods. It is accepted that […]

Sprouts are for life, not just for Christmas

Did you know that sprouts help your liver to detoxify better? “Does that mean I can have an extra glass of wine with my Christmas dinner?” asked my friend. Hmm… I can understand why lots of people don’t like sprouts, but if cooked or prepared with love and attention they […]

Does dodgy digestion rule your life?

One of the most common systems of the body that I work with is the digestive system.  Digestive discomfort is incredibly common and one of the most widely diagnosed conditions in the UK is IBS.  In fact, it is estimated that IBS type symptoms will affect around 25% of the […]