Adrenal Hormones & Immunity

Have you every come across the term adrenal fatigue? If you have an autoimmune condition, low energy, feel run down, are frequently unwell, or have unexplained weight gain you may well have read about it. Practitioners of natural medicine often refer to adrenal fatigue (or burn-out and adrenal exhaustion) as a […]

Exhausted all the time? Why is that?

“I just can’t shake the feeling of fatigue.”  This statement is one that I hear on a weekly basis.  Or, “I’m exhausted, bloated and can’t lose weight – even though I’m hardly eating anything!” There could be so many reasons for low energy or fatigue, and it’s rarely as simple […]

Stress & Health Part 1: Anxiety

Stress. What a huge subject. It’s something that impacts most of us – to varying degrees – a lot of the time. While the majority would agree that a feeling of stress isn’t a pleasant one, there are some situations when stress helps push us beyond our normal abilities or […]

Sprouts are for life, not just for Christmas

Did you know that sprouts help your liver to detoxify better? “Does that mean I can have an extra glass of wine with my Christmas dinner?” asked my friend. Hmm… I can understand why lots of people don’t like sprouts, but if cooked or prepared with love and attention they […]

Stand up to stress

Stress is a bit of a buzz-word, but it is likely there is an element of stress in your life.  There are the obvious stresses; a demanding job, little relaxation, moving house, looking after the family, and so on.  But there are other forms of stress that are more ‘hidden’.  […]

Don’t put up with period pain

As a teenager, I struggled with persistent abdominal pain and excruciating period pain. This was never investigated, and the only solution the doctor gave was to put me on the pill.  Had my pain been taken more seriously I would have been diagnosed with endometriosis (this was finally diagnosed some […]

Nutrition and Sperm Health

Could vitamin D improve your chances of fertility success?

It seems that barely a week goes by without information about the benefits of vitamin D hitting the headlines. Most recently, the Government endorsed its supplementation for all pregnant women and children under five. This is amid growing fears that deficiency has reached epidemic proportions. Indeed, the UK’s chief medical officer has expressed concern at the general lack of knowledge about the many benefits of vitamin D by both the general public and medical profession.