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The appointments I offer are one-to-one and usually take place online, but I do also have some availability for face-to-face appointments from my clinic in Twickenham.

Ideally the process works best if you commit to a series of appointments, and I usually suggest starting with a block of three.

Initially this enables me to understand your goals and listen to your story as it is important for me to take a comprehensive case history in order that I can assess how best to support you. I can then explain what I feel are the areas we should explore together, and our strategy for doing so.

At your first appointment I will potentially recommend getting some tests done, for example referring you to your GP for specific blood tests or suggesting more functional testing. Examples of functional tests that I commonly work with are those that look at the microbiomes (for example oral, gut and vaginal), organic acids, hormone levels and hormone pathways, genetic profiles, and food reactivity relating to inflammation. In addition, I frequently run in-depth nutrition panels including vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, antioxidants, proteins, liver enzymes and inflammatory markers. These tests are run by private laboratories, but there is no pressure for you to embark on private testing.

Your second appointment usually takes place fairly soon after the first, as I have found it is very helpful to start focussing on personalised dietary support early on in the process. This allows us to spend time talking about food and how food fits into your life. My job is to troubleshoot and problem solve with you in order that the recommendations we agree on together are going to be manageable – and enjoyable!

Any test results then feed into the picture and enable a deeper level of understanding about you, your biochemistry, and more targeted direction on nutrition intervention and support.

Nutritional supplements can provide powerful element of my practitioner toolkit. These are recommended if it’s safe and appropriate to do so.

These initial first steps can be extremely helpful in getting your health back on track and allowing you to feel secure and empowered enough to then take things forward for a time on your own. However, further appointments are often requested by clients, and I am happy to support you for as long as is needed.

“I can’t tell you how wonderful my experience with Nicola has been. I came to her with a whole history of symptoms that no one else had been able to diagnose, yet within several months we had started to get to the bottom of them. She has incredible nutritional knowledge, I trusted her implicitly and, most of all, I really admired and appreciated how much she genuinely wanted to help me. We built a lovely rapport and I looked forward to every appointment we had together. It’s been a long journey but I really wouldn’t be where I am now, having overcome nearly all my health issues (and that’s a lot!), if it wasn’t for Nicola’s dedication and support. I am eternally grateful to her and would recommend her to anyone and everyone who is struggling with their health and perhaps hasn’t been able to get the answers they need elsewhere – she’s one of a kind in my eyes!”

Leila W.   Read more testimonials here.

I always welcome the opportunity to speak to potential new clients briefly on the phone before any appointments are made. This allows us both the opportunity to find out more about each other, and I appreciate you may have questions before committing to the process. You may like to read this Q&A article to find out more about my approach.

If you would like to take things further and either book in to have a quick chat, or arrange your first appointment, please get in touch for information about my prices and availability. Email or call 07968790115.

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