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Does dodgy digestion rule your life?

One of the most common systems of the body that I work with is the digestive system.  Digestive discomfort is incredibly common and one of the most widely diagnosed conditions in the UK is IBS.  In fact, it is estimated that IBS type symptoms will affect around 25% of the […]


Don’t put up with period pain

As a teenager, I struggled with persistent abdominal pain and excruciating period pain. This was never investigated, and the only solution the doctor gave was to put me on the pill.  Had my pain been taken more seriously I would have been diagnosed with endometriosis (this was finally diagnosed some […]


10 ways to fill a pitta

I am not a huge fan of grains, with wheat being my least favourite, but reality dictates that wheat based products are pretty much a staple in most households (mine included).  One of the ways I try to reduce wheat is to limit it to one meal a day (i.e. […]


Should I buy organic produce or not?

It can be hard to know when (or if) to choose organic over non-organic produce.  Luckily there is a list of foods – compiled by the Environmental Working Group in the US – that tells us the items that have the highest levels of pesticide residue. Originally twelve fruits and […]


My new favourite dip!

My new favourite dip! Fed up with the standard humus and guacamole dips that I eat with crudités, I have been looking into simple and tasty dip recipes and found a winner with this sesame tamari dip.  It’s delicious with any chopped vegetable and has added benefits of being high […]


Easy Cheesy Flapjacks

Here is a recipe for Easy Cheesy Flapjacks, created by my colleague Belinda Blake from The Schools Food Coach and Caterpillar Kitchen. They make a great snack and are fabulous for packed lunches. Easy Cheesy Flapjacks Makes about 16 Ingredients 2 eggs, beaten 50g butter 150g porridge oats 150g cheddar […]


Packed Lunches for Children

Friends often ask me what I put in my son’s packed lunch box so I thought I would share some basics on how I try to make sure I am providing a balanced meal that’s as healthy as it can be (given time pressure, expense and peer pressure). I approach […]

Nutrition and Sperm Health

Could vitamin D improve your chances of fertility success?

It seems that barely a week goes by without information about the benefits of vitamin D hitting the headlines. Most recently, the Government endorsed its supplementation for all pregnant women and children under five. This is amid growing fears that deficiency has reached epidemic proportions. Indeed, the UK’s chief medical officer has expressed concern at the general lack of knowledge about the many benefits of vitamin D by both the general public and medical profession.