Practitioner & Student Clinical Support Groups

My clinical support groups provide a regular monthly online forum for nutritional therapists and nutritional therapy students to discuss their clinical cases, or engage in conversation about the clinical application of nutrition and lifestyle medicine.

They are a safe, judgement-free, positive space that allows us to talk, share and support each other.

My intention is that through monthly online meet-ups we have more time and space to develop clinical approaches to our client cases, and an additional outlet to share our experiences, receive feedback and share ideas and help. This is something I’ve identified as being really craved by practitioners, including myself and I have experienced first-hand the benefit of having regular case discussion meetings with colleagues.

My background and why I wanted to start these groups

I have worked as a practicing nutritional therapist since 2004, and in addition spent 12 years on the senior academic team at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition (ION) between 2007 and 2019. Throughout my 12 years at ION I worked weekly in the training clinic, observing thousands of hours of student clinics, facilitating feedback and supporting student development. I held the post of Head of Clinics for my final 4 years at the Institute where I was responsible for building a successful graduate mentoring programme, and driving the continued improvement of standards and practices in the training clinic.

My own private practice has been a labour of love since 2004, and I have always thrived in the clinic environment. I have built a wealth of knowledge and experience over the years, and have benefitted hugely from working with an amazing team of talented colleagues at ION. I worked as the senior practitioner in ION’s Professional Clinic between 2010 and 2017. My clinical practices and philosophy towards working with clients led to Amelia Freer approaching me to be her clinical associate in 2017.

Since stepping away from my role at the Institute in the summer of 2019 I found myself missing the very rewarding role of working with student and graduate practitioners, which is why I decided to put these groups together. I feel there is a need for this additional support in our profession. It can be quite an isolating process, and I for one have always benefitted from talking through cases with colleagues. I hope to help you with your cases now, in a forum that’s relaxed and friendly. What I am offering is a little more time and space to develop your clinical skills and knowledge further with the help, support and guidance of an encouraging group beside you.

“Nicola is not just a fantastic and hugely knowledgable Nutritional Therapist, she is an inspirational tutor and mentor as well. With years of experience in clinic and teaching, she has a vast pool of resources from which to draw on to create a bespoke approach for each and every client, wherever they are in life, and on their health journey. Nicola has a real skill at ensuring that nutritional recommendations are always accessible and easily actionable into every day life, while making it fun along the way!I have learned a huge amount from Nicola, both during my training and since I have been working as a Nutritional Therapist myself, I cannot recommend her highly enough!” Becky G.

I run separate groups for students and practitioners to accommodate the differences in these two areas.

Students: Student practitioners are welcome to join at any point during the course of their studies. All year groups are welcome, and I currently support students in their very first year through to those in their final year when they begin working with clients. We discuss the client cases of those working in the training clinics, along with a wide range of other subjects that support the ethical, practical and evidence-based clinical application of nutrition and lifestyle medicine.

Practitioners: Any registered nutritional therapist is welcome to join one of my practitioner groups. I currently support practitioners who have recently graduated along with those with many years’ experience. You don’t have to be working with lots of clients to join and there is never any pressure to ‘bring something’ to our meetings. It’s all about support, and the conversation of nutritional therapy to facilitate continued learning and best practice from an evidence-based perspective.


“Thanks so much for this and also thanks so much for setting this group up. I left the call feeling so much more relaxed and inspired to have a bit more belief in myself and be brave!”

SB (nutritional therapist)

“Just to let you know that I found the session so helpful and I really enjoyed thinking and talking about our cases.

Thank you so much for your help, I have got a much clearer direction on how to proceed and help my client now, which is invaluable.”

VS (nutritional therapist)

“Thank you so much, Nicola!  I absolutely loved being on the call this morning and it felt so good to be discussing cases, learn from each other and consolidate our knowledge.  It was also incredibly useful (and I am very pleased to have been directed to those 2 Biolab tests – they are gems!).”

AH (nutritional therapist)

“Thanks Nicola, the session was great! Really helpful, positive and such a nice group.”

SV (nutritional therapist)

“Thank you so much for today. This is going to be so valuable as it really gives us the chance to discuss each other’s cases and learn some clinical pearls!”

AC (student)

“Just wanted to send a quick note to say how much I enjoyed the support group this morning – it is so lovely to have a positive and supportive group in which we can share our experiences and cases. Looking forward to next month already!”

TM (nutritional therapist)

“Thanks so much Nicola for today, these sessions are so informative and helpful.”

SO (student)

“I feel so lucky to have this group and to be benefitting from this extra help and support. Thank you!”

VB (student)

If you would like to find out more about my groups with a view to joining or going onto the waitlist, please contact me at

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