Blog Series: Stress & Health

Does stress impact your life?  Learn more about the impact of stress on anxiety levels, digestion and your immune system in my 3-part series.

Stress & Health Part 1: Anxiety March 11, 2017 - Stress. What a huge subject. It’s something that impacts most of us – to varying degrees – a lot of the time. While the majority would agree that a feeling of stress isn’t a pleasant one, there are some situations when stress helps push us beyond our normal abilities or… Continue Reading
Stress & Health Part 2: Digestion April 1, 2017 - A well functioning digestive system is essential for optimal health and wellbeing. Most of us have some basic awareness of how we feel digestively, and who hasn’t felt bloated, a bit gassy or suffered from heartburn from time-to-time? For some, digestion isn’t on their radar much, yet for others it… Continue Reading
Stress & Health Part 3: Immunity June 1, 2017 - Why is it that the moment you take your foot off the gas you become ill?  Or perhaps infections – of one kind or another – keep returning with frustrating frequency?  Perhaps you just can’t shake that feeling of malaise? Your immune system is a marvellous thing. In fact, it’s… Continue Reading

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