I’m Nicola Moore, a registered nutritional therapist with over 16 years clinical experience and a passion for helping you make the connection between what you eat and how you feel.  To me, good nutrition is about celebrating food, not focussing on rigid rules or regimes. My online clinic, public speaking and media work and practitioner support groups help me achieve my mission to champion positive health messages. To find out more contact me at nutrition@nicola-moore.com or call 07968790115.

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A healthy perspective on healthy eating

Eating a healthy diet should ideally be something you grow into as a lifestyle choice, but I think it’s really important to acknowledge that it’s not always possible to eat in an optimally healthy way all of the time. I first became aware of the impact of eating for good […]

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Take Your Health in Your Hands

In response the current health crisis facing all of us, this is a call to action for anyone who’s concerned about getting ill and where that may lead. There is something we can all do now to make a difference in how we respond to illness and infection. Making positive […]

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Cauliflower, Chickpea & Peanut Curry

  This filling, rich and flavoursome vegetarian curry ticks lots of boxes for me in regards to optimising the diet. It’s ingredients are supportive of health from a number of angles, including digestive wellness, hormone balance and immune support. I love the nuttiness of this dish; it makes it so […]


Adrenal Hormones & Immunity

Have you every come across the term adrenal fatigue? If you have an autoimmune condition, low energy, feel run down, are frequently unwell, or have unexplained weight gain you may well have read about it. Practitioners of natural medicine often refer to adrenal fatigue (or burn-out and adrenal exhaustion) as a […]

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Beetroot & Horseradish Coleslaw

This abundantly flavoursome coleslaw is my new food addiction.  I can’t get enough of it a the moment, and it’s finding its way into everything.  I love the nose-watering tang of the horseradish against the earthy beetroot. It’s wonderfully succulent yet also has great texture and the lovely crunch that […]


Creamy Coconut, Banana & Pecan Porridge

This creamy sweet porridge is both filling and comforting, and adds an element of indulgent luxury to the morning routine!  Porridge makes a good breakfast option. For many people, the fibre in oats is helpful for the digestive system, especially due to its ability to seemingly modify the gut microbiome […]

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Golden Turmeric Paste

Turmeric has been used for centuries as a healing food, but modern science also recognises it’s amazing protential for supporting the immune system and improving detoxification processes. Such is turmeric’s power, it can sometimes be contraindicated (meaning it may interfere) with medication. For this reason, it’s always worth checking before […]


Slow-Cooked Roast Chicken Broth

Chicken broth or stock has been used as a healing food for centuries.  There are lots of health related recipes for chicken (or bone) stock available online, but I’m afraid many of them are not pleasant to drink, and certainly don’t look very appetising!  I think much of this has […]


Immune Supportive Black Rice Breakfast Pudding

This alternative breakfast idea is tasty, filling and packed with immune supportive ingredients to help keep you feeling fit and healthy. It’s should should also help you manage blood sugar levels nicely throughout the morning. It doubles as a delicious desert too! I enjoy using black rice because its dark […]


Slow Cooked Beef & Lime Curry

This beef curry is perfect for the slow cooker, making it a great option if you want to come home from work to a comforting dinner, or prepare a dish for friends without having to spend all evening in the kitchen. Buy the best quality beef you can afford as […]