Retreat! South of France, June 2019 November 8, 2018 - Due to popular demand I'm providing more detail on my 4-day, 3-night retreat in the South of France from the 14th to 17th June 2019. Why go on retreat? I’ve designed this retreat based on all I have learnt from my clients over the years. They tend to be female, Continue Reading
Lifesaver Biscuits November 20, 2014 - As featured in Grazia Magazine! To me, having a nice cup of tea with a biscuit is similar to having a big warm hug. I have found that nothing quite hits the spot in the same way! Here is a recipe for my Lifesaver Biscuits. They give me the taste, Continue Reading
Could food sensitivity be undermining your health? Part 1 July 8, 2018 - Do you think something you are eating is making you feel unwell? Sometimes it’s hard to find the answer to this question, because the area of food allergy, intolerance and sensitivity is complex. To be honest, when I study the immune system (which is at the heart of food reactions) Continue Reading
Adrenal Hormones & Immunity April 4, 2018 - Have you every come across the term adrenal fatigue? If you have an autoimmune condition, low energy, feel run down, are frequently unwell, or have unexplained weight gain you may well have read about it. Practitioners of natural medicine often refer to adrenal fatigue (or burn-out and adrenal exhaustion) as a Continue Reading
A healthy perspective on healthy eating October 11, 2017 - Eating a healthy diet should ideally be something you grow into as a lifestyle choice, but I think it's really important to acknowledge that it's not always possible to eat in an optimally healthy way all of the time. I first became aware of the impact of eating for good Continue Reading
Exhausted all the time? Why is that? July 15, 2017 - "I just can't shake the feeling of fatigue."  This statement is one that I hear on a weekly basis.  Or, "I'm exhausted, bloated and can't lose weight - even though I'm hardly eating anything!" There could be so many reasons for low energy or fatigue, and it's rarely as simple Continue Reading
Stress & Health Part 3: Immunity June 1, 2017 - Why is it that the moment you take your foot off the gas you become ill?  Or perhaps infections – of one kind or another – keep returning with frustrating frequency?  Perhaps you just can’t shake that feeling of malaise? Your immune system is a marvellous thing. In fact, it’s Continue Reading
Stress & Health Part 2: Digestion April 1, 2017 - A well functioning digestive system is essential for optimal health and wellbeing. Most of us have some basic awareness of how we feel digestively, and who hasn’t felt bloated, a bit gassy or suffered from heartburn from time-to-time? For some, digestion isn’t on their radar much, yet for others it Continue Reading
Stress & Health Part 1: Anxiety March 11, 2017 - Stress. What a huge subject. It’s something that impacts most of us – to varying degrees – a lot of the time. While the majority would agree that a feeling of stress isn’t a pleasant one, there are some situations when stress helps push us beyond our normal abilities or Continue Reading
Tips for Increasing Fruit & Veg February 25, 2017 - We have all got used to the 5-A-Day message, although I’d question if many people consciously reach for this. However, the recently published findings from researchers at Imperial College London suggest that eating closer TEN fruit and veg a day is a better goal if you are serious about keeping Continue Reading
Is Something You Are Eating Making You Ill? May 23, 2015 - Many of my clients strongly suspect that something they are eating is not agreeing with them.  They report digestive problems, headaches or migraine, eczema or other skin complaints, low energy or fuzzy head, period or joint pain as examples of symptoms they think are linked to particular foods. It is accepted that Continue Reading
Eating to reduce pain January 26, 2015 - At the weekend we ran one of our Healing Foods workshops, and I discussed food that helps pain management. In my clinic I often work with clients who experience pain on a regular basis. This may be in relation to arthritis, headaches, period pain or aches and pains from training Continue Reading
Detox anyone? January 7, 2015 - Many of us use January as a time for positive change. Whether it’s getting fitter, eating better or putting the wheels in motion for a complete change in life direction. This renewed motivation certainly helps me get through the dark, cold days, dreary days in the UK. Without the January Continue Reading
Christmas Biscuits December 19, 2014 - These biscuits are deliciously sweet and spicy; perfect for the winter.  One of the sweetening agents used is black strap molasses – a rich and sticky product that provides nutrients including manganese, copper, iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin B6 and selenium.  If possible buy the unsulphured variety. In this recipe Continue Reading
Sprouts are for life, not just for Christmas December 19, 2014 - Did you know that sprouts help your liver to detoxify better? “Does that mean I can have an extra glass of wine with my Christmas dinner?” asked my friend. Hmm… I can understand why lots of people don’t like sprouts, but if cooked or prepared with love and attention they Continue Reading
Breakfast In A Hurry November 6, 2014 - For me weekday mornings are really rushed and manic and I am always racing against the clock.  It’s hard therefore to find time to make - let alone eat - breakfast.  Below are the top five weekday breakfasts that I am able to pull together for myself and my family Continue Reading
Getting Your 5-A-Day April 2, 2014 - We have all heard the ‘Five A Day’ message and many branded products highlight ‘One of your Five A Day’ as key marketing slogan.  I have always been a bit skeptical of this approach to improving dietary habits; it is boring and generic and tends to go over people’s heads.  Continue Reading
Stand up to stress March 15, 2014 - Stress is a bit of a buzz-word, but it is likely there is an element of stress in your life.  There are the obvious stresses; a demanding job, little relaxation, moving house, looking after the family, and so on.  But there are other forms of stress that are more ‘hidden’.  Continue Reading
Irregular periods? Could Polycystic Ovary Syndrome be the culprit? March 15, 2014 - Polycystic Ovary Sydrome (PCOS) is a surprisingly common female health condition that can manifest in a number different ways.  Symptoms may include irregular or no periods, unexplained weight gain, increased body hair and acne, but equally very few outward symptoms can be present. Usually, each month a selection of follicles Continue Reading
Does dodgy digestion rule your life? December 18, 2013 - One of the most common systems of the body that I work with is the digestive system.  Digestive discomfort is incredibly common and one of the most widely diagnosed conditions in the UK is IBS.  In fact, it is estimated that IBS type symptoms will affect around 25% of the Continue Reading
Don’t put up with period pain December 18, 2013 - As a teenager, I struggled with persistent abdominal pain and excruciating period pain. This was never investigated, and the only solution the doctor gave was to put me on the pill.  Had my pain been taken more seriously I would have been diagnosed with endometriosis (this was finally diagnosed some Continue Reading
10 ways to fill a pitta March 16, 2013 - I am not a huge fan of grains, with wheat being my least favourite, but reality dictates that wheat based products are pretty much a staple in most households (mine included).  One of the ways I try to reduce wheat is to limit it to one meal a day (i.e. Continue Reading
Should I buy organic produce or not? March 15, 2013 - It can be hard to know when (or if) to choose organic over non-organic produce.  Luckily there is a list of foods - compiled by the Environmental Working Group in the US - that tells us the items that have the highest levels of pesticide residue. Originally twelve fruits and Continue Reading
My new favourite dip! March 14, 2013 - My new favourite dip! Fed up with the standard humus and guacamole dips that I eat with crudités, I have been looking into simple and tasty dip recipes and found a winner with this sesame tamari dip.  It’s delicious with any chopped vegetable and has added benefits of being high Continue Reading
Easy Cheesy Flapjacks March 13, 2013 - Here is a recipe for Easy Cheesy Flapjacks, created by my colleague Belinda Blake from The Schools Food Coach and Caterpillar Kitchen. They make a great snack and are fabulous for packed lunches. Easy Cheesy Flapjacks Makes about 16 Ingredients 2 eggs, beaten 50g butter 150g porridge oats 150g cheddar Continue Reading
Packed Lunches for Children March 13, 2013 - Friends often ask me what I put in my son’s packed lunch box so I thought I would share some basics on how I try to make sure I am providing a balanced meal that’s as healthy as it can be (given time pressure, expense and peer pressure). I approach Continue Reading
Nutrition and Sperm Health Could vitamin D improve your chances of fertility success? February 13, 2012 - It seems that barely a week goes by without information about the benefits of vitamin D hitting the headlines. Most recently, the Government endorsed its supplementation for all pregnant women and children under five. This is amid growing fears that deficiency has reached epidemic proportions. Indeed, the UK’s chief medical Continue Reading

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