“I can honestly say that working with Nicola transformed me and enabled me, possibly for the first time in my life, to feel fully energized and awake. I used to feel exhausted all the time and felt everyone else around me was managing their life and feeling good, while I just couldn’t shake fatigue and a foggy mind, no matter how much sleep I got, or how hard I tried to look after myself. I also felt bloated all the time and had really bad PMS and food cravings.

Meeting Nicola that first time was so uplifting, as I finally felt able to talk freely about just how bad I was feeling. For the first time in ages I didn’t feel like I was being a moaner or a hypochondriac. Nicola was so kind and compassionate, but she also gave me so much hope that there were things that could be done to get me feeling better. It was amazing to have someone actually listen and believe me, and better still provide information about what could be going on for me.

She recommended some tests, and these showed that I had low cortisol and also an under-functioning thyroid. It was so good to be able to see in black and white these results. It helped my husband become more understanding!

The diet changes she recommended and the supplement programme she gave me turned my health around. Some improvements happened really quickly! Nicola stages things very well, and I could see she had a long-term plan for me. She genuinely seemed to care about me, and I felt very supported. Thank you Nicola!”


“Nicola gives really helpful dietary advice. She has so many good ideas about making healthy food choices easy and manageable. She is also very normal with her recommendations! It was a relief that she didn’t force me to remove loads on things from my diet, and understood how much I love chocolate and cups of tea!”


“With two children under 6 and a real love of chocolate my food intake each day had become increasing bad with a high reliance on chocolate bars to get over those low energy moments throughout the day. After my first session with Nicola I was totally inspired and motivated to change my lifestyle in a realistic way. My main motivator was my health for the first time in my life rather than weight or diet – I kept thinking I need to be healthier for my children!! She gave me a range of valuable tools and recipes that are quick and easy and have led me to omit sugar in my tea and cut out chocolate – I am now 8 weeks in and have more energy, eat more and eat more often and am really enjoying feeling healthy with heaps more energy. I always thought I’d have to completely change my eating habits but Nicola has made this a stepped process which is realistic as a mum and actually fun!!! I can’t thank her enough – she really makes a difference.”


“I take nutrition advice from Nicola for my IBS and low energy. She is extremely helpful and her knowledge is amazing. She always teaches me something new when we speak and I feel in very good hands. I am slowly regaining my health after many, many years of suffering. She’s very compassionate and patient, especially when I forget to follow some of her recommendations! Thank you Nicola!”


“I had been on thyroxine for 15 years when I came to see Nicola. I needed help with low energy, weight loss and constipation. Nicola’s advice helped me to manage my underactive thyroid much better and everything started to improve.

Nicola has a very practical approach, not just in her overall plans for helping with the underlying cause for the problem, but also in how she puts the dietary changes across to you. You can tell she really enjoys her job, and that she loves food! She is full of good ideas. She is also very human. I think she really gets how hard it is to eat well when managing work and family life.”


“Nicola, thank you so much for helping me become ‘me’ again! I’m finally sleeping well, feeling alert and awake and managing work and family stresses so much better. It’s made such a difference to me, and I will be forever grateful.”


“Hi Nicola, I wanted to update you to let you know that my cravings have disappeared!!! I cannot believe this has happened, even though you said it would! This has happened so quickly, and it’s totally liberating.”


“I have been quite poorly for about a year now, and my health, in all areas has not been great.   What I need to really know is if after just 7 days of following this programme, could I really honesty be feeling this much better, just because of what I am eating? I have a prolapsed disc, and have been in agony for over 12 months, and due to possibly have an operation.  Since starting your programme I have not had any pain, for 7 consecutive days which is absolutely amazing for me but also difficult to believe.  Why could this be?  I have colour in my cheeks and a real spring in my step.  I have not felt like this for close to 18 months now.  As you know I also have an underactive thyroid, which make me want to fall asleep by 2 in the afternoon.  I am now as bright as a button.”


“I first approached Nicola for help with digestive problems that had been bothering me for many years.  My diet was already very healthy, so I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t seeing the benefit.  Nicola picked up a number of issues with my digestive health through stool testing.  She put a programme together for me that helped immensely with my digestion, and in doing so many other little niggles that I had been putting up with, but felt were unrelated, started to get better too.  I now feel so much better, both physically and emotionally.  I would recommend Nicola to anyone with digestive problems or energy issues.”



“What a wonderful lady Nicola is! I’ve had a couple of sessions with her and then joined metabolic detox. Her approach is evidence based research put into a style that is easily understood, practical and enjoyable. Despite already being a ‘healthy eater’, working with Nicola has made me realise how much I was using certain food and caffeine to get through the day. Now the cravings and brain fog have gone, the energy has returned and I’m finally feeding my body when it’s hungry not anxious or stressed!”



“I started on a 21 day detox programme with Nicola looking to get myself and my family out of a food rut and start feeling healthier and less sluggish. I was a little apprehensive to begin with at the prospect of no pasta/bread and fewer carbs as they’ve been my go to staple ingredients for quick dinners. I have fully embraced the programme and been amazed at how the impact food can have on your body! I did not wish to lose weight however have battled with bloating and a general sluggish feeling for a while. Going gluten free has had such a positive impact on my body and my moods. I’m amazed and converted! I’ll never have a slice of bread again – I don’t even crave bread anymore! Thank you so much Nicola Moore for helping me get back on track and loving food again. I no longer snack or feel hungry and have become more in tune with my body and eat when I truly feel hungry! I will continue to stick to the plan and eat lots of veggies and healthy fats as it’s now a normal way of eating and my family are feeling great! Nicola is such an inspiration and so lovely too.”



“Well, today is day 21 of the Metabolic Detox!!! I am really pleased to say that I have lost 3.1 kilos and 11 cm overall . I haven’t starved or craved at all and I have defeated my constant need to reach out for food . I feel great and will continue to be mindful of what I choose to eat . A big THANK YOU to Nicola Moore to have made this happen!!!”


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